Reunited With Chloe

I couldn’t wait to get to Ithaca this morning.  I had to yell at my husband several times to hurry it up so we could leave.  “I’m coming, I’m coming,” he yelled repeatedly.  Although we didn’t leave the house at 7 am (as my husband had optimistically predicted the day before), we were in the car and on our way by 8:15.  We made the trip in record time, and Chloe was in my arms by noon.

I think she grew a bit.  At the very least, her hair is longer than it was two weeks ago.  And she is happy.  Loved her week at camp.  Wants to go for three weeks next summer.  Made friends with two 11-year old girls, one of whom is from South Korea.  Read a lot of books, and is currently tackling Wind in the Willows and Little Women simultaneously.  She decided that the English of Swiss Family Robinson was a tad too old (as “when in the hell was this book written?”), so is saving it for another year.

We went swimming in Lake Cayuga this afternoon and it was lovely and relaxing.  The water was warm and clean.  I felt far, far away from work and stress.  Chloe helped Sophie swim.  And she gave us all lanyard bracelets.

This weekend of respite will be over before we know it.  A quick 24-hour jaunt.  But Chloe comes home with us tomorrow and that’s something to smile about.

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