The Joys of Childhood


I am now officially jealous of my two girls. Look at the fun they’re having this week in Ithaca.

I want to ride on a dinosaur, get soaked under a waterfall and play on a funky seesaw-like contraption.

I don’t think they fully appreciate how lucky they are. Girls – I am telling you now (or whenever you happen to read this) – you are LUCKY! I was stuck in my office all day (ok, the air conditioning was a nice thing) while you were swimming under a WATERFALL. And visiting a cool children’s museum in Rochester.


Despite my bout with envy, however, I truly miss my Chloe and Sophie. Not the fighting, mind you, but the smiles and hugs. In the meantime, I hope they continue to enjoy the fun in the sun (and oppressive heat). And I’ll continue to live vicariously through my kids.


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