What Does ‘Inappropriate’ Mean?

We were talking about the movie “Avatar” at dinner (in the context of a more general discussion of the quality of 3D movies) and Sophie expressed an interest in seeing it because she’s interested in anything that Chloe does.


Chloe responded that “Avatar” is inappropriate for kids her age.  Sophie then asked what ‘inappropriate’ means.

Chloe responded: It means dressing like Lady Gaga.

Then she added: It means kids being sexy.

Finally she clarified: Things that are gross and abnormal.  Sophie smiled because she finally understood: Like burping and farting and pooping and peeing?  We explained that the latter two are generally appropriate because they’re natural bodily functions.  They’re inappropriate when done in inappropriate places.

By that point, the two girls were laughing and laughing.  How could they not?  Whenever the conversation devolves into potty talk, they laugh and laugh and laugh.  At least the upshot is that Sophie now knows the meaning of her first 5-syllable word.

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