Windswept Hair


Chloe hanging out by the lake in Ithaca this past weekend.  I love this photo of her.  She seems much older than her nine years.

I’m glad we got some relaxation in on Saturday because we hit a boatload of traffic on the way home yesterday, due to infernal summer road construction.  It lasted for several miles.

But the annoying trip home didn’t prevent us from heading to the movies a little while later to see “Despicable Me,” which wasn’t nearly as bad as some critics have claimed.  The ticket prices were really despicable, however.  $50 for the four of us to see it in 3D.

This 3D craze is going a little too far, if you ask me.  It definitely wasn’t necessary for this movie, which would have been absolutely fine in two dimensions.  We’ll have to be a little more discerning the next time we go to see a kids’ movie that offers both versions.  But that may not be for awhile – the coming attractions were not very enticing.  Other than a new Disney movie, “Tangled,” which seems like a fun and irreverent retelling of “Rapunzel,” the other films on offer made me groan.  Out loud.  And they’re all in 3D.  Papa will just have to suffer through them without me.  That’s what Papas do best, anyway.

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