We arrived at 9:40 am and were gone by 11 am.  As we were driving up the camp road, Chloe caught a glimpse of the lake and broke into the widest grin I’ve ever seen.  A rock climbing wall in the middle of the lake!  A trampoline in the middle of the lake!  “Amazing!”


We arrived early enough for her to have her choice of beds.  She selected the corner upper bunk and continued to grin.  She temporarily stopped grinning when I “annoyed” her by trying to tell her how to unpack her things.  I quickly shut up.  Her only concern was that her bunk hasn’t yet gone on a camping overnight because the girls haven’t wanted to spend the night outdoors.  But Chloe is determined to put her sleeping bag to good use.


She couldn’t get rid of us fast enough!  And I didn’t cry.  I just took lots of annoying pictures.

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