Chloe Letters 4 & 5



Dear Family,

I went horseback riding.  I played Newcomb.  It was really fun.  We didn’t win.  I went on the flying trapeze and it was great.  I went in the lake and we went on a climbing iceberg and went on a trampoline.  The evening activity was a game show.  The girls wore pink and boys blue.  I think that’s really sexist.  The gym teacher is really good looking and Australian.  He kind of looks like Peter Pan.  Thank you soooo much for the care package!

Love, Chloe



Dear Family,

Meghan and Amy are awesome!  I have to write that so Amy will cartwheel these letters down to the mailbox.  Hershey Park was pretty good except….we got caught in a torrential downpour.  So we got to go on five rollercoasters and a tour in rollercoaster carts.  I did my first upside down loop!  And then we were about to go on a really awesome one before it rained, when we realized one of the kids was missing (she’s a dunderhead, not Sophie).  Most of us weren’t sorry.  And I have a present for you from the gift shop.  It’s a surprise though.  Hopefully, it won’t melt!  Miss you!


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