Chloe’s Camp Olympics Chant


Chloe’s home!  She gave camp a 9 out of 10.  Loved it.  Even got asked to the “prom” by an older man.  He was 10.  She thinks his friend put him up to it.

And most shocking of all, Chloe, who is allergic to sports, won first place for her team – Finland! – in one of the camp Olympics competitions.  OK, it was the balloon toss, not the decathlon, but who’d have thought?  She got a trophy for her efforts.

In addition to her impressive showing in the balloon category, she penned her Finnish team’s chant.  Here goes:

(Team repeats each line)
Hey Finns way to go!
All our spirit does is grow
Yeah we are gonna win
Because we are the Finns
We will hold the trophy high
‘Cause we won and it’s no lie!

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