Four Days and Counting Until Camp Cayuga!

In four days, we will be dropping Chloe off at sleepaway camp for a two-week vacation.  A vacation for us, that is!  Just kidding.  Chloe is already packed and ready to go.  All told, she will have spent four weeks away from home this summer.  Pretty amazing for a 9-year old.

I’m going to write her a letter tonight so that she receives it soon after she arrives.  I can’t wait to receive letters from her.  I’m sure they’ll be full of great anecdotes, and I plan to reproduce them here so that friends and family can enjoy them too.

She’s already strategizing to get the top bunk bed.  I’m trying to manage her expectations.  She has boots for horseback riding, lots of bathing suits, and funny sunglasses and a necklace with peace signs for the Halloween social.

I’m afraid she’s never going to want to come home.

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