Future Sleepaway Camper


I’ve been able to preview a few photos of Chloe taken at sleepaway camp, and so far it looks like she’s having a great time.  Lots of smiles all around.

Sophie was very excited to be at the camp the other day.  Not sure if it was because she was dumping her sister there for 12 days or if she thought it looked like fun.  I think it was the latter.

Sophie misses Chloe a little bit, but not too much.  As she told her Grammy yesterday when asked if she missed Chloe, “Grammy, it’s only been a day.  We left her there yesterday!”  Point well taken, sweetheart.

We asked Sophie if she wanted to go to sleepaway camp next summer.  At first she said yes, but when we explained that she wouldn’t see us for 12 days, she changed her mind.  That made me feel good.  She’s not yet too desperate to fly the coop.

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