Letter #6

Chloe with her friend returning from Hershey Park!

We pick Chloe up from camp tomorrow.  Those 12 days went awfully fast.  I can’t wait to see her.

Letter #6

Dear Family,

I like the idea of scrapbooking [note to readers:  I proposed creating a scrapbook of the letters she sent and received, along with photos, as a memory of her first sleepaway camp experience].  Our cabin won a pizza party!  The pizza place is my 2nd favorite pizza place [2nd note to readers:  Chloe’s 1st favorite pizza joint is Brooklyn’s Pizza (it’s not in Brooklyn).  I imagine the Poconos pizza place is her second choice only because any pizza place would be great after 10 days of camp food.]  I have presents for all of you guys.  I have soooooo many letters!  Oh, and did I tell you I got a care package from James.  Erica got a HUGE care package.  Miss you.
Bye.  Love,

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