I love this photo of Sophie in action, running across the playground in Prospect Park, Brooklyn as her Papa chases her.  Please take note of her impressive form as she sprints to evade her father.

Soon after she tired herself (and her Papa) out, she discovered the sandbox.  And built a princess castle with a moat.  Which looked great until a girl, about 10 years old, destroyed it when she stomped on it with her 10-year old foot.  I think it was unintentional.  Sophie surprisingly took the tragedy in stride.  Her reaction consisted of giving the girl’s back a searing glare and hunkering down to rebuild her shelter.  Incarnation #2 is depicted in the photo below.

In Chloe’s absence, Sophie has essentially managed to fill the void.  The first couple of days without her big sister around seemed fairly tranquil.  But she’s definitely had her moments – both adorable (oh, those cuddles) and not so adorable (oh, those tantrums).  I’ve enjoyed the extra time with my little one – she’s pretty delicious.


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