Twelve Hours

In less than 12 hours, Chloe will leave the comfort of her home to spend 12 days in the hills of Pennsylvania (aka the Poconos) in a small bunk with 8-10 other girls.  We have packed everything, and as long as we don’t forget to bring her sleeping bag so she can commune with nature in the woods and her boots so she can commune with the horses, Chloe will be all set.

I have reminded her to hand wash her bathing suits with Woolite, to regularly wash her hands and to wear her Crocs in the shower if the shower floor is yucky.  I have also told her to keep an open mind about making friends – she’s going to meet a lot of kids who are different from her.  I warned her that we’re just using snail mail and that she’ll see kids receiving “bunk mail” – a fee-based e-mail service – but there won’t be any e-mails from us!

The camera is in my bag and I’m ready to document this milestone with lots of photos and I hope, not too many tears (mom tears, not kid tears).

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