Vacation Prep


In anticipation of our trip to Hilton Head next week, Papa decided that cleaning the inside of the minivan was of the utmost importance.  He recruited the girls to work and together they put in almost two hours vacuuming, hosing down the car mats and scrubbing the car’s interior.

Chloe, ever the negotiator, clarified her rate prior to starting the job.  Sophie, still a little young to negotiate, but sensitized to the value of money, agreed to participate after she was told she’d receive a little cash, too.

We are now one step closer to preparedness for our upcoming 15+ hour road trip (ugh!).  If nothing else, the car is now as clean as it’s ever been since we bought it four years ago.  It won’t last, but at least when we use it tomorrow, it’ll feel brand spanking new.


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