A Few Days Until Five and a Few Months Until Ten

Four days until Sophie turns five.  That’s a big milestone.  And just four months until Chloe turns ten.  Another big milestone.

I remember being so excited to turn ten.  The ability to legitimately use the word “decade” made me very happy and made me feel so mature.

Sophie wants a Corolle doll for her birthday.  Chloe wants to go to France.  When you’re five you want dolls.  Things are simple.  When you’ve been around for a decade, you want trips to faraway places.  Things are more complicated.  It’s amazing what a few years can do for one’s birthday wishes.

Not to mention what a few decades can do.  Forget dolls.  Forget trips around the world (although that’d be nice).  For my 42nd birthday in a couple of months, I’d like (1) a publisher to discover my blog and offer to turn it into a bestseller or (2) to win the lottery or (3) to make writing my full-time career.  What are the odds of any of those happening?  Pretty slim.  I may have to settle for something a little less dramatic.  A nice dinner, a couple of homemade birthday cards from the girls (priceless), maybe a new gadget or a piece of jewelry…

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