End of Summer

Fall is fast approaching.  School is underway and the last day of summer 2010 is Tuesday.  Fall is my second favorite season, second only because it’s the lead-in to winter, and I intensely dislike winter.

The days are getting shorter.  But I’m looking forward to the next few months of wearing sweaters and weekend jeans.  Oh, how I wish I could wear jeans to work.  If I could wear jeans to work, I think my work happiness would increase exponentially.  I wonder if that means I need to find a job that has a jeans dress code??

The two things I like best about fall are the crisp air and the apples.  My girls would obviously cast their vote for Halloween, but as far as they’re concerned, Halloween lasts approximately six months – the time it takes to ingest all the candy.

When I think about this past summer, I remember a lot of hot, sunny weather.  Lots of camp, including a sleepaway camp first.  A great trip to Hilton Head.  And some wonderful quality time with my family.    Au revoir, ete.  Bonjour, automne.

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