First Day of School

In keeping with the theme of yesterday’s post, today was our last first day of kindergarten.  It’s funny – I was quite excited about Sophie starting kindergarten – up until I left her in the classroom this morning.

Sophie's First Bus Ride to Kindergarten
Sophie’s First Bus Ride to Kindergarten

And then I was sad.  I felt bittersweet.  I felt old.  But I also felt proud.  Proud of Sophie because she was excited and kept her composure, even though I know she was nervous. Proud because Chloe lovingly escorted Sophie to the bus stop (even though they reverted to their bickering as soon as I returned home from work).

Proud because Sophie happily wore jeans!  I don’t remember the last time Sophie wore jeans.  I think she was still in diapers.  Granted, these were very special jeans because they were bedazzled with all the colors of the rainbow, but they were jeans nonetheless…We really have hit a milestone.  Jeans.  Wow.

Sophie's Locker!
Sophie’s Locker!

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