I Am Obsessed

I am obsessed with the idea of taking the girls to France next summer.  Not just for two weeks, but for the summer.  I want them to really get to know their father’s country.

I know, I know.  A big ‘ole Pipe Dream.  The entire summer, not happening.  But I’ve been in dream mode for a long time now, yearning to make a change.  A big change.

Chloe is almost 10 years old.  Sophie will be five on Monday.  As far as our girls are concerned, we are averaging a trip to France every five years.  Not a great track record.  And it’s starting to weigh on me.

We were so idealistic before the girls were born.  We’d raise the children bilingually (and have been doing a half-assed job with Chloe and a quarter-assed job with Sophie) and return to France at least every other year.  They would grow up speaking French at home and English with their friends.

What a joke.  I feel like we’re squandering a huge opportunity, at great cost to the girls and to our family unit.  Life happens so quickly.  It’s so easy to procrastinate.  To postpone.  Temporary quickly becomes permanent.   THIS HAS TO STOP!

So, by hook or by crook, we will be back in France next summer.  Maybe not for the entire summer, but at least for a few weeks.   Accomplishing this feat will be my primary goal over the next few months.  Tune in – because I am determined to make this happen.  A l’ete prochain a Paris!

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