I Miss Vacation


But it’s the weekend so that compensates for the longing I feel inside me.  Oh vacation, where have you gone?

Back at work for three short days, and it already feels like vacation ended months ago.  I need to start planning the next vacation.  But first, Sophie starts another session of gymnastics tomorrow (she is determined to learn how to do a cartwheel), we’re having a back to school dinner with our friends tomorrow night and Sophie has a birthday party to attend on Sunday.  And school starts on Monday.

I signed up Chloe for tennis lessons, and am looking into taking some refresher lessons myself.  My thinking is that when I’m on the court, I’ll be transported back to vacation, at least for a fleeting hour once a week.

Next vacation?  Destination up for grabs.  We’re aiming for France next summer.  I just don’t know if I’ll be able to wait that long…it means playing a lot of tennis until then…

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