Kindergarten Countdown

In two days, Sophie starts her elementary school education.  She’s nervous.  Whenever the subject is mentioned, she her big brown eyes open wide and hunches her shoulders to convey her anxiety.

We’ve promised Sophie she’s going to love it.  Chloe even shared some of her own kindergarten war stories with her.  We’ve told her about all the super fun things she’s going to do – music, art, a school play, computers, math, reading and writing – she started to smile, but then with a look of concern, asked, “Will I be able to draw pictures?”  “Of course,” I responded with a grin.

That seemed to placate her a little bit, and then she didn’t want to discuss the subject any longer. I am sure she will love it.  The only possible hindrance is the fact that she hasn’t been sleeping well for the past few weeks, and she’s visibly tired.

And so are we.  When she wakes up in the middle of the night and calls for her Papa, who inevitably goes to see her, he’s exhausted and I’m exhausted the next morning because she wakes me up as well, and I have an incredibly difficult time going back to sleep.  We’ve resorted to bribing her.  Papa is going to make her a house out of a box tomorrow and give her a quarter if she sleeps through the night.  I know what you’re all thinking.  Probably the worst way to handle the situation.  But we’re at our wits’ end.  She needs to sleep.  And so do we.

I digress, however.  Sophie starts kindergarten on Monday!  A big milestone.  I asked Chloe if she’d be willing to help her sister with her homework.   And she’s up for it.  At least in theory.  We’ll see how long that lasts – but I’m glad she’s willing to consider it.  See, they don’t always fight

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