Liberty’s Statue by Chloe

For Social Studies, Chloe had to write a story from the Statue of Liberty’s perspective.   Here it is – enjoy.
All I hear are different voices.  I don’t understand any of them.  They’re all different.  Women chatter excitedly together while men heave trunks.  The kids walk silently by their parents looking frightened.  There are men in black and dark blue conducting people off the ship.  Then there are people who are on boats who stare and point and take pictures with a camera.  There are people who wait in a line below me.  They walk through my insides and it tickles a lot.  I wish they would make my head off limits.  I get migraines.  I heard them talking about closing it someday, though!  
I used to live in a wonderful place called France.  I didn’t get to see how I was made because my eyes were one of the last things to be made.  But I got to see the crown and the torch done since those were the best parts.  My creator’s name is Frederic Auguste Bartholdi.  There is another statue in France called the Eiffel Tower.  It was designed by Gustave Eiffel.  That structure is even taller than me!  Then I spent a few more days in France and I was finally done.  Then that was when I was shipped to America.  And that’s my before story.
Now, I know two languages but most of the people who come aren’t French.  And the people only speak English when they have to.  So I usually don’t understand them.  I used to actually be a shiny brown color, but I turned green for the same reason pennies do when they get old.  Which is because the rain contains a certain acid that makes it turn green and so does the oxygen.  I don’t really understand, so what I told you is not very specific.
The water around me is not very calm.  It never is with boats.  It’s as if it’s trying to move away from the pollution.  It always makes me feel sad to see it that way.
Gulls always make these white splotches on me.  I don’t know what it is, but it doesn’t smell very good.  People usually clean it off though.
I’m pretty sure I’m not going back to France anytime soon, so for now I live Happily Ever After on Liberty Island.

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