Much Ado About Nothing

This is going to be a stream of consciousness blog entry, inasmuch as today was a fairly uneventful day.   The weather finally felt a little like fall this afternoon, and the clouds were out in full force.  With only few days until October, I imagine we’ll be saying “until next year” to our shorts within the week.

Chloe is wearing a pale pink t-shirt today, with an illustration of Alice in Wonderland on the front.  I told her she looks good in light colors – they bring out the rose hue of her skin.  Sophie just arrived in the sunroom, as naked as she was the day she was born (almost 5 years ago!), but with a lot more hair.  She stood in front of Chloe and me, flipped her curls back and forth, and inquired, “How do I look?”  Sophie inherited a vain gene.  I have no idea from whom.  I criticize myself for being a lot of things, but vain is definitely not the first trait that comes to mind.  My husband isn’t particularly vain either, although it takes him a hell of a long time to get ready in the morning…

Sophie still has her baby fat.  Now that she’s five, I imagine we’ll see less of her buddha chunkiness as the year progresses.  It’s one of the things I’ll miss most about my little one as she gets bigger.  But she still loves cuddles, and I am confident that turning five will have absolutely no impact on her ability or desire to give me those amazing big hugs.

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