One Big Happy Family…

…except when we’re not.  As I write this, I have Sophie on my left and Chloe on my right.  They are having a pitched battle about I don’t even know what.

According to Chloe, Sophie always acts all nice and cuddly whenever Chloe is upset with us.  Chloe calls Sophie a “KISSUP.”  Of course, what she really means is kiss***.  Chloe claims that her sister is manipulative.  Which she is.  But that’s like the pot calling the kettle black.  The two sisters are simply manipulative in different ways.

It’s amazing how quickly things devolve from love and kisses all around to screams and whining and hitting.  On a nightly basis.  If my brother and I were the same way (or worse), I owe my mom a huge apology.  Sorry, mom!

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