Tennis, Anyone?


Until today, I hadn’t played tennis since 2000, when my husband and I went to Negril, Jamaica and he threw out his back trying to keep up with my stellar game.

Hilton Head is famous for its golf courses and tennis courts, and since I have no experience with the former and previous high school team experience with the latter, I was ready to see if I still remembered how to play.

My mom, Chloe and I went to play this morning.  Chloe doesn’t think she needs lessons to do anything and doesn’t like us to tell her what to do, so immediately became frustrated when she was unable to hit the ball.

I started to get my groove back fairly quickly, with one exception.  My serve sucks.  Specifically, my ball toss sucks.  Badly, badly sucks.  I need to practice because without my serve, my senior citizen mom was able to beat me 6-0.  Congrats, mom – you still got your game!  I have my work cut out for me.

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