The School Cliques Have Started

The cliques have landed.  I was hoping that we wouldn’t have to deal with that awful word for another couple of years, but alas, here we are.  Not even 10 years old and the cliques have started to form.  The in-crowd, with the one dynamic leader who attracts the other kids (even the fifth graders!) into her web.  The “cheerleaders,” who don’t cheer, but who try to lead their apostles by yelling at them.  The weirdos.  The loners.

Trying to find one’s place in this complicated social morass can be daunting.  We’ve all been there, and now my husband and I are trying to assist Chloe.  It’s a good thing she’s mentally strong, smart and independent.  Not so good that she makes snap judgments about people.  I’m hopeful she’ll find her comfort zone soon.  She’s in a big school, which can be a good thing because there are a lot of kids to choose from.  But it can be a bad thing because you can easily get lost in the crowd.

Chloe tends to get off to a slow start making new friends.  I hope she stays patient for a while longer, remains open to getting to know a few kids and finds herself bonding with a couple of children in the not- too-distant future.  She’ll get there.  I know she will.  But the road may be a little rough for awhile.

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