Three Days Into the School Year

Sophie seems to be adjusting well.  She’s making some friends, I think, although she can’t remember their names.  She hasn’t yet had any homework, but she has a nice sturdy homework folder.  We haven’t had to buy supplies for her, either. 

Chloe has had her first bit of homework.  She had to answer questions about herself.  In response to “Describe your family,” she enthusiastically wrote, “They are AWESOME!”  So the next time she complains about us, you can be sure that I will remind her that we are “AWESOME!”  She said her teachers seem nice, although they’re still babying the class a little bit.  She said that 4th graders no longer sit with their classes at lunch and  are now allowed to sit where they want.   Apparently, all the boys sit together and all the girls sit together.  She doesn’t really know where to sit.  The gender segregation starts so early!

Three days down, 170+ to go.


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