A Couple of Extra Hours with the Girls

I had to come home early today to meet the girls at the bus.  It was nice to play a little hooky on a Monday.   Chloe spent some time performing mother’s helper duties next door and I spent some time hanging with my Sophie – in between answering emails and phone calls for work – and giving her a much-needed bath.

When the day was over, I had to turn to dinner.  The girls were hankering for meatballs.  I would normally just take the ground meat and roll them into balls.  Balls of meat.  But that was not good enough for my chicklets, who guilted me into making the real thing.  Using – gulp – a RECIPE.

Ugh.  Chloe found one and I had to improvise because, of course, I didn’t have all of the ingredients (some of which were embarrassingly basic).  Despite not having parsley and minced onion on hand, and my complete aversion to touching the red meat, they apparently were a success.  Egg and a pinch of cinnamon made the difference, and turned a fairly banal foodstuff into something much more interesting.

Moral of the story – if I had more freakin’ time, if I were more organized, and if I remembered to buy ingredients at the store, I’d be able to cook for my kids.

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