An Apple a Day


A day of apple picking makes Chloe and Sophie very happy.  They brought home lots of apples today, along with apple cider donuts.  As soon as I had a taste of the latter, I was transported back to my childhood and autumn visits to the local orchard.  Absolutely yummy.

The girls certainly look happy in this picture.  Ah, the joys of youth.  I love seeing them smile.  Especially when they’re smiling together.

It’s funny, though.  When I look at the two of them, I don’t immediately see much of a resemblance.  Chloe really does take after my side of the family, while Sophie takes after her papa’s side.

Papa is traveling this week, so Sophie and I are having a sleepover in my bed.  She’s already dreaming of sheep (or maybe princesses) and I’ll join her a little later – but not before creating a barrier of pillows so that she doesn’t kick me awake in the middle of the night.  Chloe’s too old for a sleepover.  She’ll read and read, lose track of time, beg me to brush her teeth (absolutely not) and finally realize that if she doesn’t brush her teeth, her breath will stink in the morning.  It’s fun to be a kid.

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