Sophie can’t decide which costume to wear for Halloween.  Will she be a mermaid or will she be Belle (from “Beauty and the Beast”)?  She’s in a quandary.  She may just have to celebrate Halloween twice this year, and she just might have the chance, since her school is having a costume parade on the 29th.

Chloe initially wanted to be Captain Hook, but only if Sophie was willing to be Tinker Bell and someone else agreed to be Peter Pan.  But she couldn’t get anyone to go with her plan.  God knows, I never would have offered myself up to wear a green bodysuit, tights and cap.  Once that plan was foiled, she turned to characters from “Alice in Wonderland.”  Choice #1:  the Mad Hatter.  Choice #2:  Queen of Hearts.  But too bad, so sad.  The costumes were disappointing.  She then realized that the costumes for Alice were pretty good.  And she found one she liked.  With a wig.

Belle and Alice will make quite the pair.

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