Hump Day

We’ve officially arrived at the beginning of the end of the week.  Whenever I get home from work on Wednesdays, I know that the Saturday’s fast approaching.  Don’t you sometimes wish that everyday was Saturday?  Or Friday night?  I love Friday nights.  And I recently discovered that getting a manicure on a Friday night is a terrific way to wind down and start the weekend.

Pretty soon I’ll be looking forward to Tuesdays.  Because Tuesdays mean Mondays are over.  I don’t think I’ll ever look forward to Mondays.  Unless I retire and days of the week have no meaning anymore.  Ah, that would be nice.

Chloe has a science vocabulary test tomorrow.  I wonder how she feels about the days of the week?  I know she likes Fridays – “by far” her favorite day.  Chloe’s least favorite day is Monday – “Grammy is a big up on Mondays” but apparently Grammy’s presence is not enough to compensate.  Almost enough, but not quite enough.  It’s really just the school thing.

I haven’t had a chance to survey Sophie on the matter, but I don’t think she’d really understand the question.  She distinguishes between weekends and school, but that’s the extent of it.  And she’s a weekend girl, for sure!

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