Chloe and I spent the day together.  We did some shopping and then went into the city to the New Victory Theater to see “Nevermore,” an operetta fictionalizing the life of Edgar Allan Poe.

The theater had a small exhibit about his life with a wall of magnetic poetry for guests to use if they felt inspired.

Chloe got to work quickly and within five minutes had created a short ode, pictured in the photo, in the spirit of Poe’s own writing.

The play was incredibly entertaining.  Creative and beautifully written – entirely in verse.  With little nods to Poe’s literary and poetic creations throughout the show – the raven, Annabelle Lee, the pendulum and the tell-tale heart all made an appearance to illustrate Poe’s haunting hallucinations.

The moral of the story was unfortunately grim:  Life is sometimes unfair.  Poe had a short and miserable life.  We were both stricken by how sad his life was.  Chloe was particularly appalled by the fact that every time something good happened to him, something ten times worse seemed to happen immediately afterwards.

Needless to say, not the cheeriest musical we’ve seen (I say it ranks up there with “Sweeney Todd” but PG-rated instead of R), but perfectly apt for the eve of Halloween.

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