Three Years and Counting

Pink Me Not just celebrated its third birthday two days ago.  Happy birthday, Pink Me Not!  I’ve been faithfully maintaining this blog about my girls for three whole years.  I never thought I’d last this long.  One day, when Chloe and Sophie are adults, they will appreciate my dedication.

Hard to believe that when I started to write about Chloe’s and Sophie’s adventures, they were only 6 and 2 years old.  Pretty amazing how quickly the time goes by.

And frankly, I am so happy I’ve kept this up because one day – when I’m old and gray – I’ll be able to read the volumes I’ve created out of the blog and remember.  Hundreds of memories of my girls have been etched into this modest Web site, and I won’t have to reach back into the far recesses of mind to recall what Chloe and Sophie were like when they were 6 and 2, 7 and 3, 8 and 4, 9 and 5…

Here’s to many more years of Pink Me Not.  And here’s to many more years of happy times with my family.  I love you!

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