Back to Work Tomorrow

Five days of vacation and it’s back to the grind tomorrow.  Work is looking to be fairly hectic over the next two weeks, and I’m looking forward to celebrating the end of what has been an incredibly long year work-wise.

We enjoyed some calm today, after several days of enjoying family.  The girls were in need of some unstructured lazy time, and they made the most of it, playing on the Wii this morning.  Sophie was very proud of her virtual tennis skills and Chloe punched out her frustrations with boxing.

In an effort to enjoy a relatively mild late-November day, we spent a good portion of the afternoon at the park.  Sophie rode her bike and we all played monkey in the middle with a boomerang that works better as a frisbee.  Chloe and Sophie also spent a good deal of time alternatively trying to make their Papa step in goose poop and avoid stepping in it themselves.  Leave it to kids to find a way to make goose poop fun.

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