Chloe’s Prediction for 2025: Awesome!

I will be awesome, that’s all I have to say 🙂
Gotta love a  9-year old with such self-confidence.  There’s not much more one can say after such a bold statement.  ‘Awesome’ is one of Chloe’s favorite words, especially when describing herself.  Her new absolute favorite word is ‘shish-kebob.’  According to Chloe, the word ‘shish-kebob’ is about as awesome as she is.  Apparently Jane from this season of “Survivor” is also awesome – she’s the oldest woman on the tribe, and one of the strongest.   The reason ‘awesome’ is one of Chloe’s most frequently used adjectives is because the word ‘cool’ is “lame.”  Despite the fact that her mother uses the word ‘cool’ all the time, Chloe thinks it’s a childish word and extremely uncool.  To be a kid again…


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