Eating Too Much

It all started on Wednesday evening with a steak and seafood dinner to celebrate birthdays and a not-too-distant Ph.D. for my brother.

Thursday feted the turkey’s sacrifice.  Friday offered up Italian.  And today, following popcorn at the movies, we enjoyed Indian food to celebrate Grammy’s birthday.

It is now official.  I think I’ve gained five pounds, when I really should be losing five x five pounds.  I am stuffed.  My belly is too big and my jeans are too tight around the waist.

Don’t get me wrong.  The food has been delicious, varied and plentiful.  But I now believe that some fasting and exercise are in order.

A diet of greens and fruit is starting to sound more and more appealing.  Granted, it may only last a day, but a day is better than a single meal…

Sophie and Chloe are much better at listening to their little bellies.  When they’re full, they’re full.  No tempting fate with their digestive tracts.  Ah, the beauty of youth.

So, as we shut the door on Thanksgiving weekend 2010, I remember one last detail of our happy feast the other day.  Thanks to Chloe, Sophie and my mom, we now have place cards for all future Thanksgiving meals.  Decorated for each guest with lots of color, love and attention to detail, they were easily a highlight of this year’s festivities.

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