Finding the Proper Balance

It’s elusive.  I often wish I had a sliding door in my brain so that I could simply shut out work when I wasn’t at work.  Sadly, however, I don’t have such a door in my brain.  And sadly, unlike Bill Clinton, I’m horribly bad at compartmentalizing.

And now that I’m quickly approaching 42, I recognize that I’m too old to learn new tricks.  So, my remedy will be Chloe and Sophie.  They don’t know it yet.  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes they make it very difficult for me to compartmentalize.  Especially when they don’t listen, or they hit each other, or they yell, or they don’t clean up after themselves, which is fairly often.  When they’re being particularly rambunctious, I sometimes think that being at work would actually be easier than being at home.

Then I hit myself on the head (figuratively speaking, of course) because, hello, I’m being stupid.  Work is work.  It will always just be work.  But my girls are my GIRLS.  They make me laugh, they make me cry, they make me happy.   Which is why I really need to figure out how to spend more time with them and less time obsessing over work, and perhaps more important, make the most of the time I do have with them.

If anyone has some brilliant ideas, please feel free to share.  I’ve given up on the lottery.

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