Seurat and Renoir


When we were at the museum the other day, I asked the girls to choose their favorite paintings in each of the galleries.  Chloe unsurprisingly chose Seurat – she had written a story based on this painting back in April for her creative writing class.  She was actually giving me a forced smile in this photo, because I hadn’t yet come up with the scavenger hunt idea that savaged our day at the Met and she was still pissed off at me.

Sophie’s adores girls in dresses, so it’s no surprise that she instantly felt an affinity for the Renoir painting.  Unlike her older sister, Sophie loved having her photo taken in front of as many masterpieces as possible.  All with pretty princessy-looking girls or women in them.

When Chloe did pose, however, they tended to in front of the more abstract, sometimes more somber paintings.  No surprise there, either.

It’s truly amazing how two sisters with the same DNA can be so very different.

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