Sophie’s Fort


Sophie woke up yesterday and had a brilliant idea.  She gathered most of the pillows in the house to make herself a fort.  The fort’s walls took up most of the living room.  No one was allowed in.  Least of all her sister.

She made silly faces in it, danced in it, pretended to sleep in it.  At one point, Chloe decided to attack the fort, which caused all manner of consternation.  The yelling started.  The walls imploded.  Sophie did what she could to salvage her domain, but to no avail.

It was time for her to scramble.  To save her most important possessions before they were destroyed by the invading army of one almost ten-year old.  She grabbed her PIllow Pet and ran for shelter.  The screaming continued.  The pillows continued to fall.  Until finally, there was nothing left but the ruins of what had been.  And I recovered my pillows in time to get a good night’s sleep.

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