Tonight is movie night.  Chloe and I are watching “Titanic.”  She’s very excited to watch “Titanic.”  She likes the cursing so far.

She laughed when Rose told her fiance that the paintings she purchased were by “some artist called Picasso.”  We’re raising a very cultured 9-year old.

She also got a kick out of Jack the artist’s comment about one of his drawings, “That’s the good thing about Paris.  Lots of women willing to take their clothes off.”  The Frenchie in her appreciated the comment – as she remarked, the kids at the beach in France like to be naked.

I love it.  Heads: Chloe is a little sophisticate.  She knows Picasso!   Tails:  Chloe is completely naive.  She is still young enough to equate sensual naked French women in drawings to naked French kids on a beach!

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