Another Lost Tooth


This time, it was a big tooth.  And there was a fair amount of blood, which made Chloe very happy.  So happy that she had me take this photo.   You can see the red hole on the bottom right.

For a couple of minutes, it was hanging on by a thread inside her mouth.  I offered to pull it out, but she jumped away from me as if I had proposed to lock her in a dark closet for a couple of nights.  She managed to remove it herself.


On another note, I scored another victory tonight with my Chloe.  We were on our way home from Grammy’s, and Chloe desperately wanted to read her new book in the car.  But it was dark outside.  She needed a light.  And I had a light to offer her.  But I was not going to give her my mini flashlight without something in return.  “How much is the light worth to you, Chloe?  Huh?”  Her first offer was a paltry $0.25.  I told her that what I wanted from her was worth much more than that.

“I know exactly what you want,” she replied.  ” You want a cuddle.  How long will I have to cuddle you for?  How long is the car ride home?”  When I told her we’d arrive at the house in about 25 minutes, and that she’d have to cuddle with me for at least five, she made the deal.  And later this evening, she held up her end of the bargain and cuddled with me for a whopping seven minutes.

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