B’loonies.  I forget what these make-your-own acrylic bubbles were called when we were kids, but when Chloe and I recently visited the Toys ‘r Us in Times Square, she wanted to buy some.  I said no at the time, but she continued to ask, and we found them last week in a local Toys ‘r Us store.

I thought that the 2010 version of this toxic toy from yesterday would be non-toxic (I seem to recall the salesperson at the Times Square store vaunting its non-toxicity).  However, either that store was selling a different brand, or I was hallucinating, because there are warning and caution labels all over the packaging.  Mostly about its flammability, but still…

Chloe quickly mastered the art of blowing the balloons.  The good news – she’s not getting visibly high from it and I haven’t noticed any major behavioral changes.  And at the rate she’s going, she’ll be done with the tubes soon.   The bad news – the product stinks (and brings back memories of the smell from the toxic product of the 1970s).  And I’m trying not to think about the number of brain cells she’s destroying every time she makes a balloon.

I’m starting to believe that my purchase of this crap was completely irresponsible on my part.  Which means that my silence as she continues to use the product makes me a particularly horrible parent.  Ugh.

3 thoughts on “B’loonies”

  1. I found them not to be fun. I used to have those. I rember finishing my last b’loonie. I took it off the thing you blow to make b’loonies. After I pinched the last one to seal it, I couldn’t play with them. They all popped right away.

  2. B’loonies are the best plastic balloons! They are the most durable and they almost feel like rubber balloons when blown up. Just blow slowly and don’t inhale, or use the valves from the other brand so that no air gets out.

  3. So I was at my mall, shopping at justice, and you know where they have the candies and the toy stuff at the register? Well it looked kinda fun. So I bought it. And then, it was in my office for a day, than I got it out to play with my son. it stinks. My mom also did buy these for me when I was young, but instead of them being this way, they weren’t toxic. And parents can’t check if there toxic or not because it doesn’t say on the box. Hopefully they’ll change it!

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