Chloe, the Inventor

Chloe has discovered her inner Leonardo da Vinci/Thomas Edison/Alexander Graham Bell.  She has invented her very own cardboard bubble gum dispenser.  She was dismayed when she saw a real one at the store selling for $40.  Smart enough to realize that would be a big fat waste of money (her own money, that is), she decided that there was nothing like resorting to homespun methods in order to get what she wanted.

She rigged the top box with a small trapdoor that is triggered by pulling on a wire.  When the trapdoor opens, the gumball enters a funnel in the lower box, sending the gum out the spout.  Pretty ingenious, if you ask me.

Chloe would like to enter her contraption in the annual school science fair.  We’re not sure it would qualify.  But as you can see from the short video, she is awfully proud of her creation.  Indeed, she looks like she’s getting ready to demonstrate her wares on the Home Shopping Network.

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