Couscous is a Vegetable

“Couscous is a vegetable.  Just like rice and potatoes.”

No, this was not a statement out of Sophie’s mouth.  Nor was it a statement out of Chloe’s mouth.  This assertion came out of my French husband’s mouth – not five minutes ago.

I usually don’t refer to my husband as my French husband.  He’s usually just my husband, just like any other husband out there.  But it’s important that I use the qualifier for this post.  Because French people enjoy a certain reputation around the world.  Not all of it’s positive, of course.  However, the French are generally known for their savoir-faire when it comes to the joys of food.

I don’t really know what to make of my husband’s shocking ignorance about the nature of couscous and rice.  He was damn sure of himself, let me tell you, when he affirmed at least three times – as Chloe and I were laughing – that couscous and rice were vegetables, just like potatoes.

“They’re grains, Papa!” Chloe exclaimed.  I offered to bet him $100 to prove him wrong.  Chloe offered to bet him $0.50.  He was not willing to take either one of us on.  So I suppose being ridiculed by his wife and daughter diminished his confidence.  We then confirmed it for him by reading aloud the definition of a vegetable, which specifically excludes grains (we love you, Wikipedia!).

I truly believe that my husband has lived in the States (and if I’m being honest, with me) for too long.  He’s lost all of his food savoir-faire.

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