Keeping it Simple

Hanukkah starts tomorrow.  Can’t believe it’s so early this year.  In an attempt to limit the over-consumption, we’re going to be giving the girls simple gifts.  Some cash for Chloe, some books for Sophie.  And a couple of small but fun surprises.  Then we have a few weeks’ respite before Christmas, thank goodness.

The holidays always seem to creep up on us.  I still have to wrap the presents tonight – and the only reason I’m not more crazed trying to think of ideas for gifts is because (1) Chloe asked for cash and (2) I had a stock of small presents hiding in my closet that I bought several months ago and didn’t forget about this year.

My husband will be away tomorrow night, so our dear babysitter will fill in for him when we light the candles.  I’m anticipating the assault as soon as I get home from work.  “Mommy, mommy!  Can we light the candles?  Can we light the candles?  Please?  Please?  Mommy, mommy!  Now!   It’s time to the light the candles!  It’s dark outside!”  I can’t wait.

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