New Glasses

I picked up two new pairs of glasses today, one a pair of sunglasses.  My new everyday glasses are much different from the pair I’ve been wearing for the last couple of years.  Metal frames instead of plastic, blue instead of a multi-color purple/yellow/brown mix.

When I arrived home and Sophie realized that my eye jewelry was not what she was used to, she ran away in tears.  Seriously.  “I don’t like your new glasses, Mommy.”  When I told her that I was still me, she responded by sticking out her tongue.

Throughout dinner the refrain was the same.  She’d glance over at me, scowl and say, “I don’t like your new glasses, Mommy.”  And she crocodile-cried a little more.

I like my new glasses.  They’re cool.  They’re jewelry for my eyes.  They make me feel a little younger than my quickly approaching 42 years.  Sorry, Sophie, but you can cry all you want.  I still love you, but I like my new glasses, too.

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