Skull Earrings, Part II

Chloe showing off her new skull earrings at school turned out to be a completely anticlimactic affair.   When I arrived home this evening, the first thing Chloe said to me was, “Mom, nobody even noticed my earrings!”  The principal didn’t notice, the assistant principal didn’t notice, her teachers didn’t notice and her classmates didn’t notice.  Her friend really liked them, though.

Because no one noticed the pirate skulls with daggers hanging from her lobes, she asked if she could wear them to school once a week instead of once every two weeks, which is the rule I initially established yesterday.  I told her to ask her Papa – because he’s the one who didn’t want her to wear them to school at all.  We’ll probably cave.  As parents, we have bigger fish to fry.

And let’s face it, Chloe is kind of irresistible.  She was practically singing sweet nothings to her new metallic friends – on more than one occasion I heard her whisper, “I love these earrings!”  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:  sometimes being a parent is just too damn easy.

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