Ten Things I Loved About My Birthday Today

These 10 things made me a happy 42-year old today.

(1)  Having a cheerful, homemade dinner with my family – quiche lorraine, salad and chocolate mousse.  Yum.

(2) Watching Sophie dance and dance and dance.  Check out the video – Sophie put together an impromptu choreographed dance to Paul McCartney & Wings’ “Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five.”  I honestly think there’s some serious talent there.

(3) Getting served breakfast in bed.
(4) Receiving a great book, “A Visit from the Goon Squad” by Jennifer Egan, from Chloe and Sophie, who spent their own money to buy it.
(5) Receiving cozy pyjamas from my husband, who wisely decided not to buy me a t-shirt and sweatpants after he called me from the mall yesterday to ask for my t-shirt and sweatpants size. I yelled at him for having such a bad idea (I know – not particularly gracious of me, but really, a t-shirt and sweatpants?  After putting up with him for 21 years, of which 16 have been spent together in wedded bliss?).
(6) Getting a manicure and a free pedicure (it’s nice to put loyalty points to good use).
(7) Having a relaxing, leisurely afternoon out with my husband.
(8) Having my first good night’s sleep in weeks.
(9) Thinking about what I’m going to do with my life now that I’m 42.

(10)  Receiving super cuddles from both of my girls.

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