The Loom


Grammy gave Chloe a beading loom for Hanukkah.  Looks harmless enough, but boy does it hold some secrets.  Namely, that it was created to bring nine-year olds to tears.

Oh, the frustration.  Trying to keep the threads in place long enough to finish a row of beads.  Fighting with the packaging of the beads until they finally fall from their respective slots in the box all over the table and floor.  Unintentionally creating knots where no knots were wanted.

Beating the loom into submission took a lot of yelling, parental intervention, and most important, Chloe’s unfailing persistence.  She and the loom had a love-hate relationship from the get-go.  “I hate this stupid thing!” she yelled several times.  And yet, she was unable to simply walk away.  She needed to master the damn thing.

And sure enough, she did.  Her first bracelet, pictured here, isn’t quite finished, but she now has the hang of it.  It’s going to be lovely. And Sophie can’t wait until Chloe makes her a bracelet of her own.  Hey, fellow beader Aunt Barbara – pretty impressive, no?

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