Vegas or Bust. Bust.

I had hesitated to book the trip to Vegas.  But I booked it.  And I was really, really excited about it.  The big day arrived quickly, and it was finally here this morning.  We were scheduled to take an 8AM flight to Sin City.  But the snow got in the way.  And even though the snow stopped falling early yesterday morning, the airports were still barely functioning this morning.  And our flight was just one of the thousands of casualties.

I found out at 3AM and never got back to sleep.  For the first few hours, my reaction to the cancellation was entirely disproportionate to the gravity of the situation.  Yes, it was incredibly disappointing and frustrating.  But I found myself throwing a tantrum not unlike one Chloe or Sophie would have thrown had I confiscated a favorite toy.  Between the hours spent in the middle of the night trying to see if there was any way for us to make it to our destination, the hours spent on hold trying unsuccessfully to reach Continental and frankly, my overall exhaustion after what has been a very long year, I was pissed.  Extremely pissed.  In the end, my protracted outburst – which was more than anything else about my ongoing struggle with what I want to be when I grow up – simply served as yet another reminder that I need to find an answer to that question.

My husband was worried.  My mom was worried.  But I’m better now.  After feeling sorry for myself for those first few hours, we decided to make the most out of a bad situation and booked a couple of nights at Caesar’s Palace in Atlantic City.  Not quite Las Vegas, but it’ll do.  There are actually a few plus sides to this whole debacle.  We have an amazing view of the ocean from our hotel room.  The only water view we’d have had in Vegas would have been of the hotel swimming pool or a desert mirage.  The table game minimums are cheaper here than they would have been out West.  The casinos aren’t very crowded.  They’re running a special on massages – and I’ve booked one for tomorrow morning.  And because we’re now heading home on Thursday instead of very late Friday night, we’ll get to spend New Year’s Eve with the girls.  Chloe has already announced that she plans to have a “mega” snowball fight with her Papa.  And she wants to build a fort, too.

Vegas will just have to wait.  And that’s okay, sort of.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still pissed off.  But at least I have a bit more perspective now.

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