Plane tickets have been purchased.  One apartment rental has been found, and we have one more to go.  I have received permission from my new boss to absent myself for four weeks, although I will be working part of the time.  After a 4 1/2 year hiatus, we are finally returning to France.

We will be flying into Geneva, which is close to where we will be staying during the first two weeks of our trip, and out of Paris 27 days later.  The airfare was not as nauseating as I feared it would be, although it’s still pretty horrific.

Chloe is breathless with anticipation.  Sophie doesn’t really get it, but she really liked the photo I showed her of a bed in a Parisian apartment rental that took up the entire room, literally.  “It’s like a closet!” she exclaimed.

I can’t believe we’re actually making this happen – c’est fantastique!

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