Goodbye, Sunny Arizona

I’m enjoying my last hour of beautiful, cloudless blue skies and warm temperatures before hopping into a cab to go to the Phoenix airport.  I understand the temperatures back in NY are supposed to fall into the single digits tonight, that there’s no end in sight to the below-freezing weather and that my front lawn is now home to an additional six inches of snow.

After spending a few glorious days in Scottsdale, I now have a better understanding of why people choose to move to a place like this, despite the three months a year of unbearable heat.  That’s not to say I’m going to convince my husband to put our house on the market any time soon (although trust me, he likely wouldn’t mind in the slightest), but there’s something to be said for living in a place that enjoys tons of sunshine throughout the year.  Maybe that’s my problem.  Maybe it’s not so much that I have career ADD; maybe it’s just that I need to reside where blue skies prevail.  Then again, maybe it’s just that I’ve been pampered at a nice hotel for three days.  The grass is always greener, they say.

Until three days ago, I had never seen a real orange tree.  With lots of oranges hanging from the tree.  In all the time I spent in Florida with my grandparents, I never saw an orange tree.  But there was one (seen in the photo) around the corner from my hotel room.  Boy, was I tempted to steal a piece of the fruit, just because.

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